Choosing the Right Common Nail: 4d to 20d common nails sizes

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Common iron wire nails are widely used fasteners in construction or woodworking projects. Choosing the right dimension of common building nails is important for construction or woodworking projects. SUNSHINE Group can produce high quality common iron wire nails of various sizes.

Choosing the Right Common Nail: 4d to 20d common nails sizes

►Common iron wire nails are made of high quality low carbon steel nail wire(Q195/Q235) and as common fastener, widely used in construction, repair, carpentry, and woodworking projects. There are many different sizes of the common iron wood nails, each suitable for different applications. People often have questions about the common building nails sizes, and this article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the sizes of common iron nails and their applications.

1.Common iron wire nails sizes definition

2. The letter “D” of common iron wire nails meaning

3. Common Nail Size conversion

4. Common Iron Nails of different sizes

4.1 4d common nails

4.2 6d common nails

4.3 8d common nails

4.4 10d common nails

4.5 16d common nails

4.6 20d common nails

5. Conclusion

1.Common iron wire nails sizes definition

►What are common nail sizes?

Common iron wire nails have smooth shank and sharp diamond point with round/flat/checkered head. The size of the common wood nail refers to the length of common iron wire nails shank, the diameter of common nails shank(nail wire diameter), and the size of common round wire nails head. The length of the common iron nails shank is usually measured in inches or millimeters, while the diameter of the common iron wire nails is measured in gauge(BWG).

Length: Shank length is length of the common wire nail, and it is typically expressed in inches or mm.

Shank Diameter:The shank of the common iron nail is the longer portion that is driven into the material, is not the flat/round head. The diameter of the shank is a measure of common iron wire nail's raw material--nail wire's thickness, and it is typically expressed in inches/mm/gauge.

Gauge: The gauge of the common wire nail refers to its diameter or thickness. In general, higher gauge numbers correspond to thinner nails, while lower gauge numbers indicate thicker and stronger nails. For example,  16 gauge common nail is thinner than  8 gauge common nail.

Head Diameter:The nail head diameter is the size of the nail's head in inches/mm.

2. The letter “D” of common iron wire nails meaning   

The penny size is a type of size for common nails, commonly abbreviated as "d." Originally, this measurement referred to the price of 100 nails. Today, the penny size indicates nail length. People often search common iron wire nails size on Google.Such as:What size is a 16d common nail? The 16d common nails size is: 0.148-inch shank diameter and 3.5-inch shank length.

3. Common Nail Size conversion

►What does 8d or 6d mean when sizing nails?

8d common iron nail is 63.5mm length and diameter of 3.05mm.

6d common construction nail size is 50.8mm long and diameter of 2.77mm.

►What is a 10d common nail equivalent to?

10d common nail dimension: length of 3 inches and diameter of 0.148"

Below is a detailed table for other sizes.

Dimension of common iron wire nails(D)

SIZE(INCH X BWG)(Length X Diameter)































4. Common Iron Nails of different sizes

4.1 4d common nails

4d common iron wire nails is 1.5 inch(38.1mm) long and 14 gauge.

►What are 4d common nails used for?

These 4d common iron nails are widely used in woodworking applications where a thin common wire nail is suitable, such as furniture repair, cabinetry, batten doors, paneling, and countertops.

4.2 6d common nails

6d common iron wire nails length is 2 inch(50.8mm) and diameter is 2.77mm.

►What are 6d common nails used for?

With flat head, smooth and thick shank, these 6d common nails provide strength and durability, making them a reliable choice for most construction projects and woodworking applications including interior wood construction, framing, carpentry, and general use.

4.3 8d common nails

8d common iron wire nails length is 2.5"(63.5mm) and diameter is 3.05mm.

►What are 8d common nails used for?

Their smaller size allows them to be easily driven into tight spaces and provide a clean appearance when hidden from view.The 8d common iron wire nails commonly used for finishing work such as trim or baseboards. 

4.4 10d common nails

10d common iron wire nails length is 3"(76.2mm) and diameter is 3.4mm.

►What are 10d common nails used for?

10d nails are commonly used for general construction projects and framing.

►8d common nails vs 10d common nails

Is 10d common iron nails bigger than 8d common nails?

Yes, 10d common iron nails are generally bigger than 8d common nails. 

4.5 16d common nails

16d common iron wire nails length is 3.5 inches(88.9mm) and diameter is 9 BWG gauge.

►What are 16d common nails used for?

16d common iron wire nails are commonly used for framing applications due to their larger size and increased holding power.

►16d common nails vs 8d common iron nails

Which is bigger? 8d common iron nails or 16d common construction nails?

16d common construction nails are bigger than 8d common iron nails. The size designation "d" with a higher number indicating a thicker nail. Therefore, a 16d nail is thicker than an 8d nail.

4.6 20d common nails

20d common iron wire nail is 4 inches long and diameter is 8 BWG gauge.

►What are 20d common nails used for?

20d common building nails are typically used for heavy-duty construction and industrial applications where the strong and durable nail is needed. They are commonly used in the building of houses, bridges, and other large structures, as well as in the manufacturing of furniture and other wooden products. 20d common construction nails are also used in the installation of flooring, siding, and roofing materials.

In addition to the above sizes, common iron construction nails of 30d/40d60d size are also used in other construction projects. These nails are larger and more durable, providing reliable support,making them suitable for use in construction projects such as buildings, bridges, frames for furniture or buildings,carpentry,etc.

5. Conclusion

►What size nails to use?

Through the previous explanation, that common iron wire nails of different sizes are suitable for different construction projects. Smaller nails are usually used for indoor projects and woodworking projects, while larger nails are commonly used in construction work.


SUNSHINE Group has been in the common iron wire nail manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. SUNSHINE Group insist on using high-quality raw materials and fully automated high speed nail making machine to produce nails of various sizes and types that can meet all customer requirements. If you are unsure about the suitable common iron wire building nails size for your construction or woodworking projects , please contact us.


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