Proper Usage of IBR Roofing Nails

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IBR roofing nails are specially designed for IBR sheets, typically made from galvanized iron wire(Q195/Q235). The IBR roofing nails possess excellent weather resistance and grip strength, tightly securing the roofing material to the roof. The IBR roofing nails are incredibly popular in the African region.

Proper Usage of IBR Roofing Nails

Do you know how workers go about repairing roofs? Some people use felt, others use tiles, and some use metal sheets. Workers use specialized roofing nails to secure materials such as asphalt, tiles, metal sheets, or felt to the roof. This serves to protect the house from wind and rain.

We're all familiar with different types of roofing nails such as clout roofing nailsroofing nails with large flat head) and umbrella head roofing nails, but did you know there's another kind of roofing nail that's very popular in Africa, especially in South Africa? They're called IBR roofing nails.

Firstly, let's get to know what IBR is together.

IBR in IBR roofing nails stands for "Inverted Box Rib",also called IBR roof sheeting. The IBR roof sheeting is a name derived from a type of steel roofing profile, which is popular and widely used in industrial and commercial roofing in many countries, including South Africa. The IBR roof sheeting characterized by square grooves,in the South African region, people normally affix IBR roof sheeting to wooden building structures, serving the function of wind, rain, and sun protection.

IBR roof sheeting comes in a variety of colors such as blue, silver, and green. The IBR roof sheeting usually made of galvanized low carbon steel,sometimes aluminum.The raw material of IBR roof sheeting is light, minimizing the risk of roof damage, yet also maintains a certain level of strength, effectively guarding against the erosion of the roof caused by wind and rain.

And how do you secure IBR roof sheeting?

At this point, our IBR roofing nails take the stage.

The IBR roofing nail generally comprises a roofing nail(usually umbrella head roofing nail with spiral shank) and a rubber washer (or plastic washer,EVA washer,split washer or metal washer). The rubber washer of the IBR roofing nails not only prevents friction between the IBR roofing nail and the roofing material but also precludes the penetration of rainwater into the small holes created by the IBR roofing nails.

Moreover, IBR roofing nails with washers are typically made from galvanized iron wire, showcasing excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. The IBR roofing nails also exhibit high strength and load-bearing capacity. While connecting the roofing material and the roof tightly together, these IBR roofing nails hold up against weather erosion, prevent the roofing material from falling off or getting damaged, thereby enhancing the overall weather resistance and lifespan of the roof structure.

Here is a display picture and sizes of the IBR roofing nails.

Umbrella nails Specification Specification Length(mm) Rod Diameter(mm) Head Diameter(mm)
BWG8*2" 50.8 4.19 20
BWG8*2.5" 63.5 4.19 20
BWG9*1.5" 38 3.73 20
BWG9*2.5" 63.5 3.73 20
BWG9*3" 76.2 3.73 20
BWG10*1.75" 44.5 3.37 20
BWG10*2" 50.8 3.37 20
BWG10*2.5" 63.5 3.37 20
BWG11*1.5" 38 3.02 18
BWG11*1.75" 44.5 3 0.02 18
BWG11*2" 50.8 3.02 18
BWG11*2.5" 63.5 3.02 18
BWG12*1.5" 38 2.74 18
BWG12*1.75" 44.5 2.74 18
BWG13*1.5" 38 2.38 15
BWG13*2" 50.8 2.38 15
BWG14*1.75" 40 2.1 14

 IBR roofing nails that people purchase from stores or hardware suppliers generally come in packs of one set(100 roofing nails+100 washers)in poly-bag or 10 poly-bags per carton. The most favored size usually bought is 75mm,90mm,100mm,120mm IBR roofing nails.

In summary, IBR roofing nails are important fasteners specifically designed for IBR roof sheeting that is both lightweight and sturdy. If youre uncertain about What size nails should I use for roofing?, you can always reach out to us.  SUNSHINE Group is a longstanding manufacturer with over twenty years of experience in building nail production. Not only do we manufacture IBR nails, but we also produce a variety of types and sizes of construction nails, such as common nails, steel nails, etc. Feel free to contact SUNSHINE Group  with any questions at any time.


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