Roofing Nails: Types and Their Role in Roof Building Construction

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Roofing nails are a type of fastener specifically used for securing roofing materials such as metal sheets or tiles. There are mainly three types of roofing nails commonly seen in the market, which are umbrella head roofing nails,clout nails and IBR roofing nails. Roofing nails can effectively prevent iron nails from being blown away by the wind, secure roofing materials, and prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Roofing Nails: Types and Their Role in Roof Building Construction

1.nails used for roofing

2.different types of roofing nails


1.nails used for roofing

People are aware that small headless nails are used to secure murals and similar objects to the wall. In securing chicken fences and similar wire mesh fences to wood, workers often use U-nails.And in the usage of scaffolding, a double-headed iron nail is typically employed. But do you know what kind of iron nails or steel nails are used when installing a metal roof or repairing the tile roof sheets?

Roofing nails are specifically designed to secure roofing materials. Generally made from high-quality iron wire(Q195/Q235), roofing nails typically undergo a galvanization process. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures the roofing nails possess enough strength to be driven into tiles or metal plates without damaging the roofing materials. The galvanization process provides the roofing nails with rust-resistant properties. Given that roofing nails are inevitably exposed to weather elements when used on a roof, the galvanization process significantly extends the lifespan of the roofing nails and the roof.

However, roofing nails can vary in type based on the shape,sizes or packaging. Let’s explore the various types of roofing nails used in the roofing construction projects.

2.different types of roofing nails

What kind of nails do you use for roofing?

We already know that roofing nails are commonly used to secure and repair roofs. According to surveys, there are three main types of metal roofing nails that people use most frequently.

In terms of roofing nail's head shape:

The umbrella roofing nails have an umbrella shaped head and a diamond sharp point.The umbrella-shaped head has a large surface area, which on one hand, can increase grip strength, distribute pressure, and prevent the umbrella head roofing nail from being hammered askew. On the other hand, the umbrella-shaped head can cover the nail hole, preventing seepage by rainwater, or the wind lifting the umbrella head roofing nail, which could lead to iron roofing nail detachment.The BWG9*2.5size umbrella head roofing nails are widely used for secure roof sheets.

The clout roofing nails have the large flat head.The large flat head of the clout nail effectively prevents wind from lifting the clout nail, which may cause large head roofing nail detachment and roof overturning.The wire diameter of clout roofing nails are range from 2.8mm to 3.1mm.The shank length of umbrella head roofing nails are range from 1 inch to 4 inch.

In terms of roofing nail's shank shape:

The clout nails have smooth or spiral shank, while an umbrella head roofing nail's shank can be smooth, spiral, or twisted. The smooth shank of roofing nails allows the roofing nail to be hammered easily into materials such as metal or tiles without any obstruction. However, spiral or twisted shank roofing nails provide a degree of resistance, preventing roof nails from being easily pulled out. This enables materials like wood and metal to be more securely affixed to the roof.

In terms of roofing nail's package:

In addition, there is a type of roofing nail that is very popular in regions of South Africa, such as Zimbabwe, known as IBR nails. Do you know why these roofing nails are called IBR nails? 

IBR roofing nails are specifically designed for Inverted Box Rib, which are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects.

The package of IBR roofing nails are: one set(100 roofing nails +100 washers)in poly-bag,10 poly-bags per carton.

The IBR roofing nails have spiral shank and sharp diamond point.

One of the key features of IBR roofing nails is the design of rubber washers. The washers of rubber roof nails serve as a protective barrier between the IBR nail and the roofing material(IBR), preventing water infiltration and reducing the risk of leaks which enhancing the overall weather resistance of the roof.

And following is the common package for roofing nails.


0.5KG per bag, 50 bags per carton

1kg per bag, 20 bags or 25 bags per carton

Paper box :

1LB per box, 25 box per carton

5LB per box, 10 box per carton

5KG per box, 4 box per carton

Plastic Tube:

30LB per plastic tube, 40 tube per pallet

50Lb per plastic tube, 48 tube per pallet


20KG or 25KG per carton


The umbrella head roofing nails and clout nails are widely used for roofing building tasks.There are many types of roofing materials, including metal sheets, felt, bitumen, and wooden tiles, among others. IBR nails are specifically used for the IBR roofing material in Africa.

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