The Practical Usage of Concrete Nails in the Construction

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Steel nails are fasteners made from high carbon steel(#45). Known for the moderate hardness, high strength, durability, and resistance to rust, the steel concrete nails are highly popular in the construction industry, especially for securing concrete, stone walls, and the like.

The Practical Usage of Concrete Nails in the Construction 

1.What is a concrete nail?

2. What are concrete nails used for?

3. Conclusion

1.What is a concrete nail?

We know that duplex nails, U-nails, headless nails, umbrella head roofing nails, and large head clout nails used in construction are all made of high quality iron nail wire (Q195/Q235)as raw material. Although steel nails have a wide round head and smooth shank like iron building nails, the point of steel nails is sharper. And the biggest difference between the iron nails and steel concrete nails is that the raw materials.

The concrete nail raw material is typically derived from #45 steel wire, which is a harder and more durable metal compared to iron. #45 steel, the carbon composition of this steel, accounting for about 0.42-0.50%, endows it with the requisite hardness and strength characteristics.

Concrete nails made from #45 steel material exhibit good strength, wear resistance, toughness, and moderate hardness. This ensures that the steel nails can easily hammered into hard materials (such as bricks, concrete, etc.) without easily breaking.

The concrete nails are high-performance fasteners with a round head and a sharp diamond or needle point. The shank of steel nails is typically smooth shank,spiral shank or fluted shank. However, in some countries, such as Peru, bamboo shank steel nails are quite popular.

Moreover, most steel nails undergo galvanizing treatment on the surface. However, builders in the Middle East typically use un-galvanized steel nails that have been boiled in black or yellow on the surface.


Apart from this, there is one exceptional type of steel nail known as the BX3 steel nails,which have ballistic point(or long conical tip) and step shank or straight shank with plastic strip.The BX3 steel nails are is typically used in dry indoor environments with a pneumatic nail gun.

As fasteners, steel nails(#45 steel) are more expensive than iron nails(Q195/Q235 low carbon steel) due to the higher cost of raw materials. What unique applications do steel nails have that make them worth the extra cost?

2. What are concrete nails used for?

Galvanized steel nails, characterized by the high strength, corrosion resistance, high load-bearing capacity, and durability, are perfectly suited for the construction or industrial applications.

Due to the robust load-bearing capacity, steel concrete nails are perfectly suited for hanging and securing heavy items, such as masonry nails for hanging pictures. Also known as concrete nails, the steel concrete nails are specifically designed for cured concrete. Similarly, owing to the high strength, the steel concrete nails can be easily driven into cement wall or brick veneer without a risk of breaking.

3. Conclusion

Steel nails, like iron nails, are both types of fasteners. However, due to the higher carbon content and hardness of the raw material, steel nails#45 high carbon steel) boast high strength, excellent wear resistance, and load-bearing ability, making the steel concrete nails particularly suited for securing hard materials such as concrete and stone.

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