Exploring the Factors Influencing the Price of Construction Nails

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Nails are a common type of fastener, frequently used in construction and carpentry. The price of building nails is easily affected by the cost of raw materials, among other factors. While some building nails may be inexpensive, quality is paramount. We hope you find high-quality yet reasonably priced building nails.

Exploring the Factors Influencing the Price of Construction Nails

In our everyday lives, be it when you need to repair your table and chairs, firm up the fence in your garden, or even when you're gearing up to construct the house of your dreams, the first thing you'll need to do is buy a large number of construction iron nails.

Building iron nails are suitable fasteners in woodworking and construction projects. The construction nails securely connect your building materials together.

You can now conveniently buy the building nails you need on the Home Depot website or at the supermarket or hardware store just kilometers away from your house. Not only are the prices affordable, but the range of types and sizes is also extensive.

Whether it's finishing nails used specifically for fastening decorations (the headless design allows for a smooth surface on the material), or U-nails that can firmly secure a chicken wire mesh to a tree, you can easily purchase the suitable building nails.

But hundreds of years ago, building iron nails were a costly fastener. Most construction iron nails at that time had smooth shank, flat/round head and did not have as many types as we have now.

Due to the high cost of construction iron nails, people would not forget to recycle building iron nails. Some even burned down abandoned houses to recover the iron nails.

Nowadays, iron nails have become a low-cost, ubiquitous fastener. What caused this price change? Today, let's explore the factors affecting the price change of iron construction nails together.

Wire nail raw material price

Progress of science and technology

Construction nail specification and Labor cost

Surface treatment(types of construction nails)


Wire nail raw material price

Construction iron nails are made from wire rods. Wire rods are a type of round steel that is coiled into a disc shape. Some years ago due to extraction technology limitations, the output of wire rods was not high, so the output of construction iron nails made from wire rods was also limited. Now with increased production of wire rods, both the overall prices of wire rods and building iron nails have dropped.

China is the world's largest producer of wire rods, and wire rods are the second largest type of steel product in China, with an annual output accounting for more than one-third of the world's total wire rod production. The price of wire rod is stable, but there are also slight fluctuations.Some sudden factors can affect the price of wire rods.For instance, some companies may halt production due to factory equipment maintenance, leading to a shortage in supply. Reduced output of wire rods will lead to a slight increase in the price of wire rods, which will correspondingly lead to a slight increase in the price of iron wire nails.

Progress of science and technology

The development of science and technology is also an important factor affecting the price of construction iron nails. At first, people forged building nails they needed by hand. Blacksmiths would hammer iron rods to hammer out a flat head. But this way of making building nails is very inefficient.

Later, workers began using machines with blades to cut iron wire into iron nails, and as the process of industrialization advanced, the production of construction nails became increasingly automated.Currently, SUNSHINE Group has very complete nail making machines, including 120 high-speed nail making machines.80 of them have a nail making speed of 1000 pcs/min,20 of them have a nail making rate of 800 pcs/min,and 20 nail making machines have a nail making speed ≤760 pcs/min. capable of producing over 1,000 kilograms of construction nails every day.

China is the largest producer of construction iron nails and also has a significant export volume. Due to technological advancements, the production efficiency of construction nails has significantly increased. As a result, under the same market demand, the price of construction iron nails will decrease.

Construction nail specification and Labor cost

The packaging of building iron nails is generally bulk or boxed.People usually pack the iron nails for construction in bags of 25 kilograms or 50 kg.However, when a customer requests that the building nails be packed in one-kilogram plastic bags or in boxes of 100pcs, the required labor cost will increase, and consequently, the price of these specially packaged building nails will also rise.On the other hand, when customers choose to order building iron nails in large quantities, factories generally offer more favorable prices, and in such cases, the price of construction nails will decrease.

And different nail sizes have varying prices per kilogram. Taking common iron nails as an example, 3/4-inch common iron nails cost $3.40 per kilogram, while four-inch common wood nails are priced at $2.42 per kilogram.

Surface treatment(types of construction nails)

As is well known, there are two surface treatment methods for construction iron nails: one is polishing(bright building nails), and the other is galvanizing(electro-galvanized construction nails and hot dipped galvanized building nails).

Common iron nails for construction are processed through a nail-making machine and then polished on the surface with a polishing machine to obtain smoothness.Galvanized construction nails, on the other hand, are polished construction nails that have undergone a galvanization process to add a protective layer of zinc on the surface.The galvanization process not only enhances the construction nails' resistance to rust and corrosion but also increases the production cost, making galvanized nails more expensive than common iron nails.

Additionally, different types of construction iron nails have different prices. There are many common types of construction nails available on the market, such as common nails, roofing nails, and double-headed nails,etc.In the current worldwide market, common nails are priced at $500 per metric ton, umbrella-head roofing nails at $850 per metric ton, and duplex nails at $740 per metric ton.


The price of construction iron nails can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as changes in national policy and shifts in market supply and demand, as well as the impact of unforeseen events.For instance, in the early 19th century, due to the impact of World War, all materials were in short supply, which consequently drove up the price of building nails.After the war ended, as nations began to rebuild and the construction industry flourished, the demand for building nails increased, leading to a rise in their prices.However, as industrial development progressed and the technology for producing building nails advanced, a large quantity of nails entered the market, leading to a balance in supply and demand, which in turn stabilized the pricing of construction nails.

There are many factors that influence the price of building iron nails, but ultimately, the most important factor is the cost of raw materials. Construction nails made from high-quality materials are more expensive.   SUNSHINE Group   consistently uses high-quality wire rod to manufacture building nails and has over twenty years of experience in construction nail production, exporting to multiple countries and receiving widespread acclaim. If you place a large order for nails,  SUNSHINE Group can offer you a favorable price. Please feel free to contact us.


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