The Role of Duplex Nails in Scaffolding

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Duplex nails are made of high quality iron nail wire and after being galvanized, have rust-resistant properties. Thanks to their unique double-headed design, double-headed nails are especially suitable for use in temporary projects, such as securing scaffolding. This design allows for the double head nails to be easily removed once a project is over, without causing damage to materials like wood.

The Role of Duplex Nails in Scaffolding

What is a nail with a double head called?

Building nails are common fasteners in our daily life, used to secure materials like wood or to fix furniture. The construction nails we often see are usually smooth shank, with a sharp diamond point and a round(or flat) head. However, there is a type of wood nail that is different, with two heads at the same end of the shank. Do you know what this iron nail is called? And what special function does this kind of construction nail serve?

The iron nails with double head called double head nails or duplex nails.The duplex nails are widely used in temporary construction projects, such as securing scaffolding.Therefore,the double head nails also known as scaffolding nails.

Next, let's explore why duplex nails are suitable for temporary construction projects like scaffolding. What special characteristics do the double head nails have?

What is a double headed nail?

The double head nails are usually made of high quality iron nail wire(Q195/Q235).The duplex nails have two same round head at the shank end.

Duplex nails typically undergo a galvanizing process. This not only prevents the nail from reacting with water or oxygen in the air, leading to rust, but also increases the durability of the nail, extending its lifespan.

Duplex double head nails are frequently exported to Brazil in the size of 15*18,17*27, 18 *27(2-1/2"*10 gauge) and 19*39. Typically, they are packaged in 1kg plastic bags and shipped in either 20kg or 25kg cartons.

Following is the size chart for duplex nails.


Gage No.

Length Overall in.

Lengt under Lower Head in.

Diam Top Head in.

Diam Lower Head in.

Distance between Head in.

Approx Number per lb


11 1/2

2 7/64

1 3/4






10 1/4

2 5/8

2 1/4







3 3/16

2 3/4







3 1/2








4 1/64

3 1/2





Length is frm the point to the underside of the lower head.

What are double headed nails used for?

When people use double-headed iron nails, they typically drive the duplex nail into materials like wood until the lower duplex nail head is flush with the material. At the end of the project, workers use tools such as claw hammers to pull out the upper duplex nail head, thereby removing the entire double head nail. Double-headed nails are generally made from high-quality iron nail wire and undergo a galvanizing process, so the surface of the duplex nail has a zinc protective layer. This type of double head nail has high strength and a high load-bearing capacity, and it isn't easily affected by external environmental factors, preventing rust. As such, these duplex nails are often used in various construction projects.

Such as:

Formwork or Concrete Framework: Duplex nails are frequently used in the construction of concrete forms. The nails hold the forms together and, once the concrete has hardened, the forms are easy to remove because of the two nail heads.

Scaffolding: These duplex nails are often used in scaffolding due to their easy removal feature. This enables adjustments and dismantling of the structure to be done with ease.

Temporary Construction: In any construction situation that requires temporary supports, barriers, or braces, double-headed nails are suitable. The double nail head allows these supports to be removed without significant damage to the permanent structure.

Woodworking Projects: For certain woodworking projects where temporary hold is required before permanent fastening, duplex nails can be useful.


Double-headed nails are popular in the construction industry due to their unique double-headed design, which makes them stand out in temporary projects. China is one of the largest producers of double-headed nails. SUNSHINE Group is among the top ten hardware manufacturers in China and we have more than 20 years of experience in nail production. SUNSHINE Group not only produce high-quality double-headed nails of various sizes, but we also produce other types of nails, such as steel nails, corrugated nails, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about nails.


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