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Common iron nails, also known as standard nails or wire nails, are traditional nails made from iron or low-carbon steel. They are characterized by their cylindrical shaft and pointed ends. These nails are widely used for various construction, carpentry, and general purpose applications. Common iron nails have a simple and versatile design, with a flat, wide head that allows for effective hammering and secure fastening. They are available in different sizes, lengths, and gauges to suit specific project requirements. The strength and durability of these nails make them suitable for a wide range of tasks, from framing and sheathing to furniture assembly and repairs. Common iron nails have been a popular choice for centuries due to their reliability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. They continue to be widely used in construction, woodworking, and various other projects, offering a dependable solution for fastening and joining materials together.




Common Nail

Hot selling 4 penny 6 penny 8 penny common nails from China


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