Types and uses of iron nails

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Iron nails are fasteners that are widely used in the construction and woodworking tasks. There are various types of iron nails, such as common nails, U-nails, duplex head nails, finishing nails, roofing nails with umbrella head, roofing nails with flat head, IBR nails, each of which has its specific purpose. Depending on the needs of your project, you can choose an appropriate type and size of iron nail.

Types and uses of iron nails

I. Brief introduction about iron nails

II. types and uses of iron nails

A: Common Nails

B: Finishing Nails

C: U Nails

D. Duplex Head Nails

E. Roofing Nails(umbrella roofing nails,clout nails,IBR nails)

F. Coil Nails

III. Conclusion

I. Brief introduction about iron nails

►iron nail meaning

As the name implies, iron nails are building nails made of iron(low carbon steel) nail wire. Iron nails are a type of fastener that is widely used in daily life and construction projects. Iron construction nails main function is to fix materials onto wood or connect two materials. The wood nails can also be used for the repair of furniture, etc.

There are many types of building nails made from iron nail wire(Q195/Q235), including common nails, U-nails, duplex head nails, finishing nails, roofing nails with umbrella head, roofing nails with flat head, IBR nails, and others. These iron nails do not all have the same shape, so their functions are different. Do you know how to choose the right iron nails for your project? Let's explore together which type of iron nail is most suitable for you.

II. types and uses of iron nails

A: Common Nails

►Common nails are the most common type of iron nails. The common iron nails have a flat/round or checkered head and a diamond sharp point. There are two types of surface treatments for these common iron nails. One is polishing, which can make the common iron nail surface smooth and bright. The other is galvanizing, common iron nails treated in this way have better rust and corrosion resistance.Therefore,the common iron nails are widely used for building construction,packing and furniture.

Galvanizing is the manufacturing process of adding a zinc protective layer to the surface of the common iron nail. The zinc protective layer prevents the iron from reacting with the oxygen and moisture in the air, thus preventing the common iron nails from rusting. Galvanizing methods include electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. Electro-galvanized common nails have a thinner zinc layer of 15-20g/㎡. Hot-dip galvanized nails have a thicker zinc layer of 50-60g/㎡, so hot-dipped galvanized common nails have better rust resistance.

►Common iron nails are typically packaged in bulk, in boxes of 25Kg. The common iron nails can also be packaged in 50kg gunny bags, or the packaging can be customized according to the customer's needs.

►The sizes of common iron nails: length from 1/2inch-10",wire diameter range BWG4 to BWG20.













1 1/4''



1 1/2''



1 3/4"






2 1/2''






3 1/2''






4 1/2''














B: Finishing Nails

►Finishing nails, also known as headless nails, don't have a flat/round head like common iron nails. This headless design makes lost head nails easier to hide, maintaining an even and beautiful appearance of the material(like wood). That's why these finishing nails are often used to fix decorations or repair furniture.

►The finishing nails also have smooth shank and diamond sharp point,makes the nails with brad head easily penetrate materials like wood. The surface treatment of headless nails are polished or galvanized,therefore, the trim nails(usually galvanized) are suitable for outdoor and indoor woodworking projects.

►The length of trim nails is from 3/4" to 6". The package of finishing nails is:1kg/Box,15kg/bucket,25kg/box,50lb/box,15kg/bucket.

C: U Nails

►The u nails also called u shaped nails or u type nails.The u nails have smooth shank,duckbill point or diamond point.

►The u shaped design makes u shaped nails very easy for iron nails to firmly connect wire mesh and materials such as wood. That's why U-nails are often used to fix chicken wire mesh or fences. Therefore, U-nails are also called u-shaped fence staples,fence wire nails,chicken wire nails,wire fencing nails.

►Another unique design of fence staples is the barbs on the fence staples' shank. U-nails come in three types: smooth shank u shaped nails,single barbed u fence satples,double barbed u type nails. The barbs on U-nails can effectively prevent wire mesh from becoming loose due to external damage, making U-nails an excellent choice for long-term outdoor firm fixing between wire mesh and materials like wood.

►The galvanization process gives the u nails excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, making the fence staples more suitable for outdoor use. 

►The length of u nails:1/2"-3",the shank diameter is:BWG6-BWG14.

D. Duplex Head Nails

►Duplex nails, featuring two heads at the same end, are made from strong and durable raw materials – iron nail wire Q195/Q235. The strength and double head design makes the duplex head nails widely used for scaffolding tasks, framework, general woodworking, temporary structures, framing for concrete forms.Therefore,the two head nails also called scaffolding nials.

►The scaffolding nails with smooth shank,special heavy top head are usually galvanized.

►The size of scaffolding nails:6D-20D,2"-5",BWG12-BWG5

The duplex double head nails are frequently exported to Brazil in the size of 15*18,17*27, 18 *27(2-1/2"*10 gauge) and 19*39. Typically, they are packaged in 1kg plastic bags and shipped in either 20kg or 25kg cartons.

E. Roofing Nails(umbrella roofing nails,clout nails,IBR nails)

►The roofing nails with large, flat (or umbrella) heads and short shanks designed specifically for roofing purposes. The unique design provides increased holding power to securely fasten shingles and other roofing materials.

►The roofing nails with umbrella head named for the nail head shaped like an umbrella.The umbrella roofing nails have smooth and twisted shank.The size of umbrella roofing nails:1 1/2"-3 1/2",BWG7-13.

►The clout nails also called roofing nails with flat head.The size of flat head roofing nails:1"-4",shank diameter 2.8mm-3.1mm.

►The IBR (Inverted Box Rib) nails also called assembled roofing nails.The IBR roofing nails consist of two main components: a metal roofing nail and a rubber washer. The metal roofing nail serves as the primary means of securing roofing materials in place, while the rubber washer acts as a protective barrier between the nail and the roofing material.The shank type of assembled roofing nails usually is spiral shank.The package of IBR nails is one set (100screw+100washer) in poly-bag,10 poly-bags per carton.

F. Coil Nails

►Coil nails, are common nails or roof clout nails that are arranged at fixed intervals and connected by a metal wire, packed in a roll format. Specifically designed for nail guns, the coil nails not only diminish the time it takes to manually nail, but also ensure uniform spacing between the coil nails.
Coil nails are particularly advantageous in large-scale construction projects, the coil design allows nail guns to hold more nails per load,as the coil nails increase work efficiency. 

►The coil nails also have galvanized manufacturing process,makes the coil nails suitable for outdoor construction projects.

III. Conclusion  

Iron nails, with the strength and durability, are standard fasteners in the construction industry and everyday life. Different types of iron nails serves different purposes, and the key to successfully completing your project is choosing the most suitable iron nails. If you're still unsure about which kind iron nails to pick, feel free to reach out to  SUNSHINE Group  With our enriched experience and longstanding history, SUNSHINE Group provide not only high-quality iron nails in various types and sizes but also professional advice to ensure the smooth progress of your project. SUNSHINE Group 're here to help you nail it!




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